H.2 Venue and country restrictions - Women's Champions League

Regulations of the UEFA Women's Champions League

Content Type
Competition Regulations
English (United Kingdom)
Enforcement Date
2 February 2022

All clubs participating in round 1 and/or round 2 must ensure that matches (part of mini-tournaments or home-and-away fixtures) can be played at the UEFA-approved venues in accordance with the published calendar. Clubs must cooperate with their national association in order to obtain from the relevant authorities exemptions from existing travel restrictions, such as border closures and quarantine requirements, to ensure mini-tournament/home-and-away matches can take place as scheduled.


If, nonetheless, such an exemption cannot be obtained, the club in question shall confirm in writing to the UEFA administration any travel restrictions that would impact the staging of, or travelling to/from, one of the round 1 mini-tournaments and/or round 2 matches by the following deadlines:

  • Round 1: at the latest on 21 July 2021 (12:00 CET)

  • Round 2: at the latest on 23 August 2021 (12:00 CET)

Clubs must immediately inform UEFA of any change to travel restrictions or exemptions secured after the above-mentioned deadlines.