Article 46 Tickets with hospitality service - Women's Champions League

Regulations of the UEFA Women's Champions League

Content Type
Competition Regulations
Enforcement Date
1 May 2024

The official UEFA representatives and at least ten representatives of the visiting club and its association must be provided with complimentary top-category seats and associated hospitality in the VIP area (for example, the area usually used by the home club's president or chief executive officer).


The clubs may produce posters, tickets and other official printed matter in connection with the UEFA Women's Champions League in a manner approved by UEFA and in accordance with UEFA’s ticketing policy. When posters, tickets and official printed matter connected with UEFA Women's Champions League matches are being designed, due attention must be paid to ensuring that any advertising overprint is solely that of the partners. All printed matter must be produced in accordance with the guidelines laid down by UEFA.


For every UEFA Women’s Champions League match, the clubs undertake to provide UEFA with the following numbers of complimentary tickets for the VIP area, including hospitality at no additional charge, for use by UEFA and its partners:

  • Group matches: 40

  • Quarter-finals: 65

  • Semi-finals: 65.

If the home club is unable to provide all such tickets within its hospitality facilities at the stadium, it must propose an alternative solution, at its own expense, for UEFA's approval.

In addition, the clubs undertake to provide UEFA with the opportunity to purchase additional VIP tickets or category 1 tickets including hospitality at retail price.


In addition, the clubs undertake to provide UEFA with the opportunity to purchase the following numbers of purchase category 1 tickets for UEFA and the partners for every UEFA Women’s Champions League match:

  • Group matches: 85

  • Quarter finals: 270

  • Semi-finals: 270.


The clubs are responsible for dispatching tickets and hospitality and parking passes to UEFA and/or the partners in accordance with UEFA's instructions.


From the quarter-finals onwards, all tickets must be official UEFA Women's Champions League tickets approved by UEFA prior to production.


The clubs shall ensure that their ticketing and media accreditation terms and conditions for those matches stipulate as a minimum that:

  1. no person may conduct any promotional or commercial activity at the match stadium without the prior written approval of UEFA;

  2. tickets must not be used for any commercial purposes such as for promotion, advertising, use as a prize in a competition/sweepstake, or as part of a hospitality or travel package without the prior written approval of UEFA;

  3. all people attending the match acknowledge that use may be made (free of charge) of their voice, image and/or likeness in still images and audio/visual transmissions relating to the match;

  4. no person attending the match may, without UEFA’s prior written approval, collect, record, transmit and/or exploit any sound, image, data, statistics and/or description of the match for any purpose other than for private use. Upon request by UEFA, the club must make every effort to provide the necessary support to enforce the aforementioned provision.