Article 65 Financial rules – whole competition - Women's Champions League

Regulations of the UEFA Women's Champions League

Content Type
Competition Regulations
Enforcement Date
1 May 2024

The amounts paid by UEFA are gross amounts. As such they cover any and all taxes, levies and charges.


All payments to the clubs are made in euros and transferred to the respective association’s bank account. It is the responsibility of the club to coordinate the transfer from the association’s bank account to the club’s bank account.


A portion of the distributions made by UEFA are intended to be used towards fulfilment of the club licensing criteria for the UEFA Women's Champions League.


The provisional amounts that UEFA pays to the clubs, as per the provisions of Paragraph 65.05, are determined by the UEFA Executive Committee before the start of the competition.


The total amount available for distribution is derived from i) the net revenue of the UEFA Women's Champions League (the gross revenue received by UEFA from media and sponsorship contracts for the centralised phase of the competition (group stage onwards) minus the competition costs), ii) the sale of tickets for the final, iii) UEFA investment and iv) cross-financing from the UEFA men's club competitions.


On the basis of Paragraph 65.05, and taking into account the running commercial contracts, UEFA issues a circular letter at the beginning of the season indicating the provisional amounts available for distribution to all parties involved, namely clubs participating in the centralised phase, clubs participating in the non-centralised phase, and non-participating clubs.


For all matches in the competition, the association of the host club, on behalf of UEFA, assumes the costs of the board and lodging of the referee team, the UEFA match delegate and the UEFA referee observer, as well as their transport costs within the territory of the association concerned. An amount of €15,000 per mini-tournament or €5,000 per match has been designated to cover these costs. UEFA will make this contribution at the end of the season. The international travel expenses and daily allowances of these persons are borne by UEFA.


In the event of a match being moved for any reason whatsoever, the UEFA administration decides who assumes any expenses incurred by the visiting club as a result. If necessary, the provisions of Paragraph 27.06 and Paragraph 27.07 must be observed.