Article 72 Commercial rights – group stage to final - Women's Champions League

Regulations of the UEFA Women's Champions League

Content Type
Competition Regulations
Enforcement Date
1 May 2024

UEFA is the exclusive owner of all commercial rights in relation to the competition (excluding the preliminary round, round 1 and round 2). UEFA expressly reserves all such commercial rights and except as set out in Paragraph 73.01 is exclusively entitled to exploit, retain and distribute all revenues derived from the exploitation of such commercial rights.


UEFA has the exclusive right to appoint partners to the competition. Any such partners appointed by UEFA (and any other third party designated by UEFA), as well as their products and/or services, may benefit from the exclusive right to exploit certain commercial rights in and to the UEFA Women’s Champions League and its matches. No club partner or other person acquiring any of the commercial rights from or through clubs may present itself as a partner of, or otherwise associate itself with, the competition matches and/or the competition generally. Without prejudice to the foregoing, no branding of any club’s stadium sponsor (for example, any name, logo, trade mark, design elements, slogan or corporate colours) is permitted to be visible in any competition materials (including within any materials used in the multilateral production of television and media promotion and in coverage of the matches on UEFA's digital services) other than for the limited purposes set out in Paragraph 74.03(a) to (c) (inclusive).


In accordance with Chapter VI and the UEFA Equipment Regulations, advertising on players' playing attires is exempt from the exclusivity referred to in Paragraph 72.02.


The clubs undertake to guarantee UEFA optimum support in the implementation of the commercial rights and to refrain from taking any steps that would encroach upon the above-mentioned rights of the partners.


Each club must (where applicable) assist UEFA in combating activities that undermine UEFA’s commercial programme and the value of its commercial rights. In this regard, each club must provide UEFA with all such assistance as UEFA may reasonably require in order to prevent third parties from undertaking, without UEFA's consent, activities that directly and/or indirectly associate that third party or their products, services or brands with UEFA or the competition. In particular, each club shall not permit any club commercial partner to undertake any such activities. In addition, no club may admit any person to a stadium who may reasonably be expected to act in a manner which undermines the commercial programme.


Each club must support and ensure that its players, officials and other employees also support the commercial programme established by UEFA for the exploitation of the commercial rights including the promotional programmes run by UEFA and the partners at competition matches (e.g. ball kids, centre circle carriers, flag bearers, player escorts, match ball carrier, referee escorts, player of the match and stadium tours).


The clubs undertake to work in close cooperation with UEFA. Each club must appoint a liaison officer, who will be responsible for administrative matters, including all cooperation between the club and UEFA. It is understood that the clubs will provide UEFA, free of charge, with the services, facilities and areas which are referred to in this Chapter XIII or are necessary for the implementation of UEFA’s requirements pursuant to these regulations. The clubs will endeavour to provide UEFA and its appointed agency, free of charge, with the necessary office and storage facilities within the stadium. The clubs undertake to give their full support in clearing any material imported and re-exported by UEFA or any of its partners or agencies.