Article 75 Pitch perimeter advertising boards requirements - Women's Champions League

Regulations of the UEFA Women's Champions League

Content Type
Competition Regulations
Enforcement Date
1 May 2024

From the quarter finals onwards, UEFA will implement the use of LED advertising boards at all matches.


UEFA and/or a third party acting on its behalf assesses any existing LED advertising system, including LED controller unit, in place at each stadium during a site visit and/or a session to exchange information in preparation for the season. If an existing system fulfils the technical specifications set by UEFA and is judged by UEFA to be of a high enough quality and sufficiently reliable, the club shall provide access to it, whether it belongs to the club or to a third-party supplier. In this case, UEFA draws up a contract in which the club and/or third-party system owner assumes responsibility for the proper operation and functioning of the boards. The club or system owner’s LED technicians, for which UEFA pays the club or owner a standard daily fee, work under the direction of UEFA. The club or its supplier operate the systems, including any artwork management, sequence preparation, on-site graphics control, match operation and reporting. If necessary, an LED supervisor appointed by UEFA will help with the implementation of UEFA partners’ rights on-site.


UEFA surveys each system and power set-up in advance. Systems that meet UEFA’s specifications must also be set up in such a way as to conform with UEFA’s needs. This means one continuous system, covering at least the touchline and both goal lines to the near 5.5m line. The system needs to be at least 80cm high, gaps in the corner are allowed. Boards must be fully visible from the main camera position, ideally running under the crossbar of each goal, or if need be, over the crossbar, but in no cases should the crossbar bisect the board artworks. Content should be fully legible under floodlights, and a system test to match artwork colours and calibrate the main camera of the host broadcaster to those colours must be conducted the day before the match in the evening, under full match floodlight conditions.


The removal (and the subsequent reinstallation) of any non-compliant system is the responsibility of the club and at the cost of the club; the clean stadium principles continue to apply. In every case, UEFA covers the operational staff costs and the cost of artwork adaptation and management.


Where the capacity and security of the pitchside power supply can be guaranteed, UEFA uses this existing power supply. Consumption costs are covered by the home club. Where the existing power capacity is insufficient or not reliable enough, or where there is no back-up power source in the case of semi-final stadiums, then UEFA may bring in, at its own cost, a dedicated twin-pack generator to guarantee the operation of the boards (unless the existing power supply does not meet EU standards, in which case the costs shall be covered by the home club).


As of the knockout stage, the home club must ensure that the operator of the LED advertising boards appointed by UEFA is provided with:

  1. a commentary position (or equivalent position) during the match; and

  2. an accreditation permitting access to such position (where not otherwise provided by UEFA).