Article 79 Responsibilities regarding media matters - Women's Champions League

Regulations of the UEFA Women's Champions League

Content Type
Competition Regulations
Enforcement Date
1 May 2024

Each club must appoint a dedicated English-speaking press officer to coordinate cooperation between the club, UEFA and the media in accordance with the present regulations. The club press officer must ensure that the media facilities provided by the club meet the required competition standards. The club press officer must be present at all home and away matches to coordinate all media arrangements including pre-match and post-match press conferences and interviews, and to cooperate with the UEFA staff at the stadium. The visiting club must send a full list of media/press accreditation requests to the home club by the Friday before the match at the latest. Clubs are responsible for ensuring that all accreditation requests come from bona fide media. Clubs must also provide accreditation lists to UEFA on request.


Before the start of the season each club must, at UEFA’s request, (i) provide UEFA, free of charge, with individual player and head coach statistics and photographs, historical information and a photograph of its stadium, and any further data requested by UEFA for promotional purposes; or (ii) make all or part of the above available for UEFA to produce its own material.


For further details on media matters, please refer to the relevant parts of the UEFA Women's Champions League Club Manual.