G.7 Audio rights - Women's Champions League

Regulations of the UEFA Women's Champions League

Content Type
Competition Regulations
Enforcement Date
1 May 2024

UEFA may non-exclusively exploit the audio rights for all UEFA Women's Champions League matches. Clubs will be given the name of the UEFA media partners to whom rights have been licensed by UEFA in due time. Clubs may not charge any fee to these UEFA media partners.


Clubs may non-exclusively exploit (themselves or via their official club platforms and/or club media partners) the audio rights for their respective home matches (except the final). Unless otherwise specified in this Annex G.7, clubs may charge a fee to such partners to whom they grant audio rights. No sub-licensing by official club platform(s) and/or club media partner(s) is allowed.


On a season-by-season basis, clubs may decide to grant non-exclusive audio rights (regardless of transmission technology) for their respective home matches to two domestic club media partners (domestic media partners). The technical cost charged by the clubs to such domestic media partners must not exceed €1,000 per match.


At a visiting club’s request, the home club must grant audio rights for the match to up to two of the visiting club's domestic media partners (at technical cost) and/or official club platforms. Such a technical cost must not exceed €1,000 per match and the clubs may not charge them any other fee.


All such domestic media partners and partners selected by UEFA must be provided with appropriate technical facilities and commentary positions in the stadium.


Furthermore, if requested by visiting clubs, they may conclude reciprocal agreements with such clubs.


As a general principle, clubs have the right to audio report on their official club platforms, free of charge, UEFA Women's Champions League matches in which they are participating. If in order to exploit such right the official club platform requires access to the stadium and/or other technical facilities, such access and facilities shall be granted free of charge by the home club to the visiting club, subject to availability.


There shall be no direct and/or indirect third-party association with the competition in relation to the exploitation of audio rights. In particular, clubs must therefore ensure that official club platforms and club media partners do not sell any form of sponsorship that directly and/or indirectly associates a product, service, person or brand with the competition.