Article 5 Responsibilities of the licensor - Club Licensing

UEFA Club Licensing and Financial Sustainability Regulations

Content Type
Technical Regulations
Specific Regulations
Club Licensing
Enforcement Date
1 July 2023

The licensor is a UEFA member association and governs the club licensing system.


Under certain conditions as set out in Annex B, a UEFA member association may delegate the club licensing system to its affiliated league. Vis-à-vis UEFA, the UEFA member association remains liable and responsible for the proper implementation of the club licensing system, regardless of whether there is delegation or not.


The licensor must ensure that all applicable provisions defined in part II of these regulations are integrated into national club licensing regulations, which must be submitted in one of UEFA’s official languages to UEFA for review according to the procedure defined in Annex C.


In particular the licensor must:

  1. establish an appropriate licensing administration as defined in Article 6;

  2. establish at least two decision-making bodies as defined in Article 7;

  3. set up a catalogue of sanctions as defined in Article 8;

  4. define the core process in accordance with Article 10;

  5. assess the documentation submitted by the licence applicants, consider whether this is appropriate and define the assessment procedures in accordance with Article 11;

  6. ensure equal treatment of all licence applicants and guarantee them full confidentiality with regard to all information provided during the licensing process as defined in Article 12;

  7. determine to its comfortable satisfaction whether each criterion has been met and what further information, if any, is needed for a licence to be granted.