Article 61 Written contract with a football company - Club Licensing

UEFA Club Licensing and Financial Sustainability Regulations

Content Type
Technical Regulations
Specific Regulations
Club Licensing
Enforcement Date
1 July 2023

If the licence applicant is a football company as defined in Paragraph 14.01(b), it must provide a written contract of assignment with a registered member.


The contract must stipulate the following, as a minimum:

  1. The football company must comply with the applicable statutes, regulations, directives and decisions of FIFA, UEFA, the UEFA member association and its affiliated league.

  2. The football company must not further assign its right to participate in a competition at national or international level.

  3. The football company’s right to participate in such a competition ceases to apply if the assigning club’s membership of the association ceases.

  4. If the football company is put into bankruptcy or enters liquidation, this is deemed to be an interruption of membership or contractual relationship within the meaning of Article 14. For the sake of clarity, a licence already granted to the football company cannot be transferred from the football company to the registered member.

  5. The UEFA member association must be reserved the right to approve the name under which the football company participates in national competitions.

  6. The football company must, at the request of the competent national arbitration tribunal or the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS), provide views, information, and documents on matters regarding the football company’s participation in national or international competitions.


The contract of assignment and any amendment to it must be approved by the UEFA member association or its affiliated league.