Article 88 Contributions - Club Licensing

UEFA Club Licensing and Financial Sustainability Regulations

Content Type
Technical Regulations
Specific Regulations
Club Licensing
Enforcement Date
1 July 2023

Contributions comprise:

  1. Contributions from an equity participant, being amounts received in respect of equity instruments, net of any repayment to equity participants, which are amounts paid and/or payable to an equity participant other than distributions (i.e. dividends);

  2. Monies received from any party (not limited to related parties) as a donation (e.g. an unconditional gift) or a waiver of liability, which increases the entity’s equity without any obligation for repayment or to do anything in consideration for receiving the donation or waiver; and

  3. Income transactions from any party (not limited to related parties) in excess of fair value, the excess being equivalent to the difference between the amount recorded in net result for the reporting period and the fair value.


For the avoidance of doubt, the following types of transaction are not contributions:

  1. Positive movement in net assets/liabilities arising from a revaluation of assets;

  2. Creation, or increase in the balance, of other reserves where there is no contribution from equity participants;

  3. A transaction as a result of which the reporting entity has a liability or a contingent liability, in that the reporting entity has an obligation to act in a certain way; and

  4. Amounts received or receivable from owners in respect of instruments classified as liabilities.


The burden is on the licensee to demonstrate the substance of the contribution, which must have been completed in all respects and without any condition attached. The cash or cash equivalents must have been received by the reporting entity net of repayment in respect of monies received. An intention or commitment from owners to make a contribution is not sufficient for such a contribution to be taken into consideration.