B.1 Principles - Club Licensing

UEFA Club Licensing and Financial Sustainability Regulations

Content Type
Technical Regulations
Specific Regulations
Club Licensing
Enforcement Date
1 July 2023

The UEFA Executive Committee decides on any requests from UEFA member associations to delegate or to withdraw licensing and monitoring responsibilities to/from their affiliated league as specified in Paragraph 5.02.


Well-founded requests can be made to UEFA at any time. All the requests presented to UEFA in writing before the start of the core process will be considered for effect in the following sporting season.


The timing of such a request must be carefully considered. UEFA will not accept any request to delegate or to withdraw licensing responsibilities during the core process in order to ensure continuity.


The UEFA Executive Committee may approve a delegation request if the UEFA member association provides written confirmation that the league:

  1. is affiliated to the UEFA member association and has accepted its statutes and regulations and the decisions of its responsible and competent bodies in writing;

  2. is responsible for running the top domestic championship;

  3. has agreed with the UEFA member association on the use of the financial contributions paid by UEFA to the UEFA member association for club licensing purposes;

  4. has submitted a written decision by the legislative body of this affiliated league to comply with the following obligations towards UEFA:

    1. to have national club licensing regulations that implement the UEFA club licensing criteria according to the provisions of these regulations and any future amendments thereto;

    2. to cooperate with UEFA and its nominated bodies/agencies for the purpose of club monitoring;

    3. to grant UEFA and its nominated bodies/agencies all necessary access to verify the operation of the club licensing system and the decisions of the decision-making bodies at any time;

    4. to allow UEFA and its nominated bodies/agencies to conduct compliance audits at any time of clubs that qualify for a UEFA club competition;

    5. to accept any UEFA decision made with regard to exceptions or compliance audits;

    6. to issue the appropriate sanctions to the relevant parties according to UEFA’s recommendations or decisions.