Papers that have to remain available for potential requests from the Hungarian Labour authorities - Europa League

UEFA Europa League Final 2023, Legal Information

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UEFA Guidelines

For the duration of any posting, the host entity must have the following documentation or copies thereof, in Hungarian or English, available electronically or at the place of work in Hungary:

  • the posted worker’s employment contract or equivalent;

  • the posted worker’s time sheets;

  • proof of salary payments.

Even after the posting has ended, the host entity must provide the above-mentioned documentation to the Hungarian labour authorities on request. Such documents must be kept for three years after the posting ends.

If the Hungarian labour authorities decide to conduct an inspection and the host entity does not fulfil its obligation to provide documentation or provides inaccurate information, they may impose administrative fines between HUF 30,000 (€ 90) and HUF 10,000,000 (€31,000).