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UEFA Europa League Final 2023, Legal Information

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UEFA Guidelines

The posting of workers to Hungary must be communicated to the Hungarian labour authorities (Occupational Department of the Ministry of Finance - Pénzügyminisztérium Foglalkoztatás-felügyeleti Főosztály) before the posting begins. This obligation to notify applies irrespective of the duration of the posting(s).

There is an online registration system available for companies based in Switzerland or EEA member states to register workers posted to provide services in Hungary. It consists of a questionnaire, which may be completed in English or Hungarian, available at

No supporting documents are required. However, the following information must be provided during the registration process:

  • employer details: name of the foreign company posting the worker(s)

  • nationality and registration number of the employer (e.g. VAT or corporate registration number);

  • seat, name and address of the representative of the employer;

  • number of posted workers and anticipated duration of the posting

  • service to be provided: description of the economic activities (sector, branch of activity)

  • nature of the services justifying the posting: duties of the posted worker(s)

  • place where the work is to be performed in Hungary.

If the Hungarian labour authorities decide to conduct an inspection and find that a foreign employer has not fulfilled its obligation or has provided inaccurate information, they may impose administrative fines of up to HUF 30,000 (€90). Fines cannot exceed this amount, but they may be imposed repeatedly. The Hungarian labour authority may also inform the supervisory body of the service.