Special Regime for UELF 2023 - Europa League

UEFA Europa League Final 2023, Legal Information

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UEFA Guidelines

The Hungarian authorities have confirmed that the following persons should be exempted from work permit requirements with an invitation letter issued by UEFA or the MLSZ, irrespective of their nationality but subject to the fact that they are not employed or contracted directly with a Hungarian entity in connection with the performance of activities in Hungary:

  • UEFA employees,

  • UEFA suppliers and their employees, as well as their subcontractors

  • UEFA participants, such as officials, members of national association delegations (payers

  • and accompanying staff),

  • media representatives (anyone in an employment relationship or other contractual relationship with a media service provider or press outlet).

For more information on work permits in Hungary, you can contact:

Zsolt Demeczky
Mobil: (1) 477-5700 – call center only available on Tuesday between (8am-noon);

E-mail: foglalkoztatás.fovaros@ffo.bfkh.gov.hu