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Under Section 1 of the Ordinance on Minimum Wage Reporting Obligations (Mindestlohnmeldeverordnung - MiLoMeldV), employers are required to notify the German authorities of workers posted to Germany via the Minimum Wage Registration Portal. The same applies to users of labour from a supplier domiciled outside Germany. The Minimum Wage Registration Portal can be accessed at: .

Notifications of temporary postings to Germany must include:

  • the industry in which the posted workers are active;

  • the place of activity, including the precise building site in the context of construction services;

  • the start and expected end date of the posting;

  • where in Germany the documents required under Article 17 of the Minimum Wage Act or Article 19 of the Posted Workers Act (in particular employment contracts, working time records, pay slips and records of wage payments) will be available for inspection;

  • the surname, first name, date of birth, and German address of the contact person in Germany (accountable domestic representative);

  • the surname, first name, and address of an individual in Germany who is authorised to take receipt of documents (authorised recipient);

  • the surnames, first names, and dates of birth of the workers posted to Germany, and the lengths of their activities.

Employers domiciled outside Germany and posting one or more workers to Germany to carry out work or provide services in sectors covered by the Posted Workers Act (i.e. sectors in which the employer is obligated to grant at least certain minimum conditions of employment and/or make holiday fund contributions) are required to confirm their compliance with all the relevant obligations.

The Minimum Wage Registration Portal allows for notifications to be validated only after having received such confirmation (checkboxes to be ticked) from the employer that it will comply with the minimum conditions of employment laid down in the applicable German legislation.