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UEFA European Championship Final Tournament 2024, Legal Information

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The German Federal Minister of Foreign Affairs has confirmed that all foreign nationals with a valid passport and an official, personal EURO 2024 accreditation, if they are involved in the staging of EURO 2024 or are officially affiliated with the tournament, will be granted permission to enter, stay in and exit Germany and will be issued with the necessary visas.

The German authorities have implemented simplified and expedited procedures to this end. Details of the procedures are available here:

Any participant to UEFA EURO 2024 who is subject to visa requirements is invited to follow the procedure described in this instruction to benefit from an accelerated and free visa process. Participants who will require a national work visa will also benefit from the same accelerated and free of charge procedure when they apply for their visa.

Accreditation support letters may be requested to the relevant UEFA project leader.

For any questions related to this special regime, please contact the relevant German embassy or consulate.