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UEFA Guidelines

Special rules apply to staff who work “at night”. A shift is a night shift if more than 1 hour of work takes place between 0h00 and 6h00.

Maximum working hours per shift for a night worker is 10 hours.

For example, this means that:

  • if staff works until 01h00 a day shift of maximum 12 hours can be scheduled

  • if staff works later than 01h00 a night shift of maximum 10 hours must be scheduled

Exceptionally, a night shift of 12 hours may be scheduled, but only if it is followed by uninterrupted rest period of 12 hours immediately following the shift.

Maximum working hours per week for a night worker is 48 hours in each 16-week period.

However, if an employee works 16 (or more) night shifts in a 16 week-period, the maximum average working time per week is 40 hours.

In the event of a night shift that finishes after 02h00, staff must be granted a minimum rest period of 14 hours. In each 16-week period no more than 36 night shifts that end after 02h00 must be scheduled.

Following 3 or more consecutive nights shifts, staff must be granted at least 46 hours continuous rest time.