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UEFA Guidelines

There are a number of administrative statutory obligations imposed on companies who perform

temporary work in the Netherlands:

  • the obligation to provide information, if requested, to the Labour Inspectorate (SZW);

  • the obligation to have certain specific documents available at the (Dutch) place of work (or have them digitally available at once) and ready for inspection, such as pay slips, timesheets, employment agreements of posted workers, proof of salary payments, identification details;

  • the duty to report: foreign service providers must report in advance about where and when and with which employees work will be performed in the Netherlands;

  • the obligation to appoint a contact person who functions as a point of contact and who can be contacted by the Inspectorate (SZW).

The failure to comply with these obligations is regarded as a violation and may therefore be punished with an administrative fine. Self-employed persons must also comply with the obligation to provide information and a more limited.