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UEFA Stadium Lighting Guide 2023

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Luminaires positioned behind the goal and parallel to the penalty box as indicated in Pitch perimeter – second linear row should be mounted more than 60° from the goal line when behind the penalty area, as indicated in the diagram above. If a continuous ‘roof rim’ lighting method is to be used, it is necessary to calculate the required lateral distance ‘x’. Further guidance can be found in Linear — roof rim lighting.

Luminaires that are not in line with the penalty box may be mounted at an angle of more than 45° from the goal line.

If only a single linear line of luminaires is used (in blue), the minimum lateral distance from the goal line ‘x’ is calculated by ensuring that the luminaires are positioned at an angle greater than 20˚ perpendicular to the pitch perimeter.

Further guidance can be found in Behind penalty area – luminaire mounting zone.