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UEFA Stadium Lighting Guide 2023

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Corner columns should be positioned in the zone as indicated in the diagram above. The zone is the area created by making an angle of 120° from the goal line and 120° from the pitch side. The column should be located no closer than 12m from the pitch corner. In most cases, the optimal height of the column to the centre of the luminaire head-frame will be 40m–45m.

Luminaires should be installed according to an angle between 25°and 45° in relation to the centre of the pitch.

The corner column position may be compromised by land space, structural objects or foundation restrictions. However, where possible the guidance below should be followed to ensure the luminaires are positioned correctly to provide effective illuminance conditions.

Additional luminaires may be used in pitch illuminance systems that use corner columns. The diagram above shows lateral arrays of luminaires (in blue) attached to the stadium roof structure. The lateral distance ‘x’ should be evaluated as indicated in Linear — roof rim lighting.

In stadiums, it is essential for players to not be hindered by discomfort glare caused by the pitch illuminance system. The impact of discomfort glare should be considered at every stage of the design process.

Note that pitch illuminance systems that use four corner columns will generally not provide the required illuminance conditions to meet UEFA level A or elite level A requirements.