Entertainment lighting–Health and safety requirements - Stadiums & Arenas

UEFA Stadium Lighting Guide 2023

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Emergency and escape lighting

During the light show, it is essential for spectators, employees, etc. to be able to move safely around the stadium facilities. All emergency and escape lighting must remain active.

Stadium safety lighting

The stadium must provide a safe environment for spectators, employees, etc. at all times. During a light show, the ambient light level within the stadium may be low; however, it is important for the illuminance system to always provide sufficient light to ensure the safe movement of everyone within the stadium.

Light show warning

UEFA’s recommendation is that it is good practice to provide three audio and, if possible, visual warnings (on large LED screens) that there will be a change in the normal stadium lighting conditions at a pre-determined time. These warnings will reassure the spectators that they are in a safe and ordered environment. It is essential for sufficient ambient light to be provided to ensure that everyone can move safely around the stadium during the light show.

Stroboscopic lighting effects

Stroboscopic lighting effects should be avoided in stadiums owing to the large spectator numbers and potentially harmful reactions, such as photosensitive epilepsy, among people who are sensitive to fast flashing lights. If the stadium management are unsure about the exact nature and relevance of this concern and the light show contains a sequence of flashing images, a series of warnings should be provided for all spectators and employees at the stadium. The warning signs must clearly state that ‘flashing images and lights will be used in pre- and post-match production lighting’. Television broadcasters may also want to give suitable warnings if they are using the light show as part of the TV production.