Floodlight power supply level B for HID - Stadiums & Arenas

UEFA Stadium Lighting Guide 2023

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System design

The stadium is fed by a primary source. Ideally, a fully independent secondary source should be available, e.g. in a ‘open half-ring’ grid design.

In addition to the primary source for the floodlights in the ‘normal’ operation mode, a backup system must be available to power the floodlights up to a certain level, depending on the floodlight illuminance level required (see below).

The backup system could be designed either with a diesel generator that is started up when the power failure occurs or a secondary source with a fully automated switchover. The backup system must be capable of providing power to a certain number of hot restrike HID systems within a minute of the failure. An additional number of cold restrike HID systems must then be in operation after a maximum of 15 minutes.

System functionality

In the normal operation mode, the primary source must be able to provide power for the full illuminance level required.

If the primary source fails, a backup / secondary system must be able to supply power to achieve the following illuminance values.

Within a minute for floodlight illuminance level:

Level A: 100% of normal match conditions

Level B: Eh > 800 lux

Level C: Eh > 500 lux

Level D: Eh > 20 lux

Within a maximum of 15 minutes for floodlight illuminance level:

Level A: 100% of normal match conditions

Level B: 100% of normal match conditions

Level C: Eh > 800 lux

Level D: Eh > 500 lux

Switching back from the backup mode to the ‘normal’ operation must be manually controlled from the moment the full primary power supply is recovered.