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When the pitch illuminance is provided by a single linear run of luminaires around the stadium roof rim structure as seen in Linear — roof rim lighting diagram, the luminaires should be positioned with sufficient lateral distance from the pitch perimeter to ensure the required vertical illuminance levels and illuminance uniformity.

As a general guide an angle of greater than 20˚ between the pitch perimeter and the luminaires should be maintained. The optimum angle is 25°–30° for the majority of stadiums. The required lateral distance should be evaluated in conjunction with the proposed luminaire mounting position. Insufficient lateral distance may cause poor illuminance uniformity and the angle of luminous flux towards the pitch perimeter will cause deep and dark shadows on player faces as seen in Player face modelling diagram.

If the stadium design or existing installation requires luminaires to be positioned within a lateral distance which is less than 20˚ perpendicular to the perimeter of the pitch, or if the vertical illuminance requires improvement, a second linear run of luminaires may be required.

The focus position of each luminaire should ensure that player discomfort glare is maintained at an acceptable level. Further guidance may be seen in sections Corners – column/tower floodlight array and Luminaires focus point angle.