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UEFA Stadium Lighting Guide 2023

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In order to avoid discomfort glare being experienced by players and officials, a general rule during the design process is to ensure that HID luminaire focus point angle is no more than 70° from the line perpendicular to the pitch and the LED luminaire focus point angle is no more than 60° from the line perpendicular to the pitch, as in the diagram above. This is a good general guideline, but it will not always be possible owing to the constraints of the stadium’s design.

The above guidance is particularly relevant to point source illuminance systems, as generally seen with high-intensity discharge lamps. However, it is necessary to re-evaluate this guidance when using LED luminaires, which will generally have large arrays of LEDs producing direct point source luminous flux. Note that, with flat panel LED luminaires, the angle of the floodlight focus point should be carefully assessed to ensure the level of discomfort glare on the pitch is maintained at an acceptable level and, depending upon the specifications of the luminaire, it is recommended that the maximum angle of the focus point perpendicular to the pitch should be no greater than 60°.