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UEFA Stadium Lighting Guide 2023

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Power supply evaluation

During a pitch illuminance test it may be required to evaluate the power supply.

The form below should be completed with the necessary details.

The power supply for the pitch illuminance system must be reliable to ensure that matches and television broadcasts can continue without any disruption greater than what is permitted for the relevant competition category. There must be a suitable alternative backup power supply in case the primary source fails.

Please complete the form below, providing details of the power supply and other operational information.

Pitch illuminance power supply form

Name of stadium:

Grid power supply

No. of feeder lines+transformers/kVA/MWA:

Supply design (e.g. open half-ring):

Backup power supply (second grid source / generator / UPS batteries)

Type: Grid

Generator (MWA)

Switching between grid and backup power supplies

Backup operation (parallel/standby/standby running):

Is the switchover process (grid to backup) automatic:

Yes / No

Please describe the backup procedure in the event of a grid power failure:

Is a UPS battery system installed in the stadium illuminance system?

Yes / No

What percentage of the lights are connected to the UPS battery system?

What is the operation time of the UPS system at full load, in minutes?

Type of luminaire


Cold restrike % overall / % on uninterrupted backup:

Hot restrike % overall / % on uninterrupted backup:

In the box below, provide an electrical overview diagram of the stadium power system from medium voltage/0.4kV transformers, including main switchboards and backup systems towards the illuminance system. The diagram needs to show the operation procedure in the event of a grid power failure.