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UEFA Stadium Lighting Guide 2023

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When designing new pitch illuminance systems for stadiums at UEFA elite level A, the recommended vertical illuminance uniformity is U1 >0.5 and U2 >0.6. From 2022 this is the new requirement of illuminance uniformity at elite level A. All existing pitch illuminance systems installed prior to 2019 must perform above the current requirements of U1 >0.4 and U2 >0.5.

The positioning of floodlight luminaires has a huge impact on the pitch illuminance conditions, so it is one of the primary concerns in the design process. The luminaire mounting positions will have a direct impact on the pitch illuminance level and uniformity for all planes and also on the creation of player shadows and the visual comfort experienced by players, officials and spectators.

The architectural requirements and design aesthetics of recent years have challenged previous illuminance design guidelines. New stadiums are often built in ways that require the pitch illuminance system to perform to the required standard while remaining true to the architectural design.

UEFA recommends that all new pitch illuminance designs focus primarily on ensuring player comfort. Designs should ensure the comfort of players, officials and spectators, while providing optimal operating conditions for television broadcasters. Any new pitch illuminance design/concept that achieves this while also fulfilling UEFA’s other pitch illuminance requirements will be welcomed.