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UEFA Stadium Lighting Guide 2023

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In order to achieve the required vertical illuminance around the perimeter of the pitch, the luminaires should have a mounting position with a minimum lateral distance from the pitch perimeter of greater than 12m at a height of approximately 24m.

Please note that this is a guide, lighting design solutions with additional luminaires with mounting locations either nearer to the pitch or further away may produce a design with a combined distribution of luminous flux which creates the correct illuminance conditions.

The table in Linear — roof rim lighting provides information which is relevant to single linear lines of luminaires.

When possible, to ensure that players maintain the maximum visual clarity and comfort it is good practice to locate the luminaires in areas that are not of critical importance when either attacking or defending in the goal area. When this is not possible, careful attention should be paid to the guidance provided here about luminaire positions and focus points and the impact upon discomfort glare.