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UEFA Stadium Lighting Guide 2023

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The power supply for the pitch illuminance system must be reliable to ensure that matches and television broadcasts can continue without any disruption greater than what is permitted for the relevant competition category. There must be a suitable alternative backup power supply in case the primary source fails. UEFA requires a power supply evaluation for all stadiums. For newly built stadiums, it is recommended that the power service level is designed to meet the requirements stipulated for the relevant UEFA illuminance level.

UEFA has therefore defined three Floodlight Power Supply Levels FPSL A-C. FPSL A and FPSL B have two options: one for HID and one for LED systems. In principle, each FPSL is based on a specific electrical design approach or technology capable of achieving that level. Please therefore note that FPSL B for HID (which may actually still be considered to be the most common design principle for stadium floodlight power supply) includes several different illuminance levels and recovery times that corresponds to the particular UEFA illuminance levels required for the various competitions/matches.

UEFA FPSL A and FPSL B for LED were eveloped to take advantage of the instantaneous operation of LED luminaires between zero to full illuminance performance. It provides an efficient and effective option for pitch illuminance continuity that permits a very low level of disruption for a limited period of time.

The relevant floodlight power supply level is determined by the requirement of UEFA competition, the FPSL may be determined by checking the UEFA competition level table in Overview of illuminance levels for UEFA competitions, and this information is also available in Floodlight power supply level table

The specific FPSL requirements for each UEFA lighting category are listed below.