Article 46 Retention of supporters in the stadium - Safety and Security

UEFA Safety and Security Regulations

Content Type
Technical Regulations
Specific Regulations
Safety and Security
Enforcement Date
15 June 2019

If the police commander for the match or the safety and security officer decides that, for security reasons, a group of supporters should be retained within the stadium while other supporters disperse, whenever possible this decision should be communicated to the visiting association or club in advance so that the information can be conveyed to their supporters. In any case:

  1. the decision to retain a group of supporters must be announced over the public address system in the language of the supporter group concerned;

  2. the announcement must be repeated shortly before the end of the match;

  3. the match organiser must ensure that, during this period of retention, the retained supporters have access to refreshments and sanitary facilities;

  4. if possible, the retained supporters shall be entertained (music, video scoreboard, etc.), to help the waiting time pass more quickly and keep them calm;

  5. they must be informed regularly of how much longer they may have to wait before being allowed to leave the stadium.