Article 33 Screening and searching of spectators - Safety and Security

UEFA Safety and Security Regulations

Content Type
Technical Regulations
Specific Regulations
Safety and Security
Enforcement Date
15 June 2019

Spectators will be screened initially by security personnel at the outer perimeter fence if there is one, or at the outer cordon created by security personnel in the case of venues which do not have an outer perimeter fence, to ensure that only ticket holders approach the turnstiles, and to make the first checks to prevent the introduction of prohibited objects/substances into the stadium.


Final screening and searches must be carried out by security personnel outside the turnstile entrances to ensure that:

  1. spectators enter the correct part of the stadium;

  2. spectators do not bring into the stadium any alcohol, fireworks of any kind, or any objects/substances that are likely to be used in acts of violence;

  3. access is forbidden to known or potential troublemakers, or persons who are under the influence of alcohol or drugs.


Screening and searches must be carried out sensibly and effectively to ensure that spectators are not searched more than once and that the searches themselves do not become the cause of undue delay or create unnecessary tension.


Each spectator must be screened and searched by a member of the security personnel of the same sex.