Article 25 Information to visiting suporters - Safety and Security

UEFA Safety and Security Regulations

Content Type
Technical Regulations
Specific Regulations
Safety and Security
Enforcement Date
15 June 2019

Host associations and clubs must provide visiting associations and clubs with as much information as possible about the country concerned to pass on to the visiting supporters, for example on their website, including:

  1. visa requirements, if any;

  2. customs import restrictions and limitations;

  3. currency units and equivalent values;

  4. distances from various arrival points (airport, station, port) to the town/city centre and stadium;

  5. address of the emergency contact point and name of the match organiser contact abroad;

  6. address and telephone number of the local embassy or consulate;

  7. map of the stadium showing the various sectors, access routes from the town/city and the location of designated parking areas;

  8. details of public transport services from the town/city centre to the stadium;

  9. specific legal provisions regarding misbehaviour at football matches in the host country;

  10. forbidden items inside the stadium;

  11. information on known police tolerance levels;

  12. indication of average food prices, taxi and public transport fares;

  13. local health warnings, if any.