Article 6 Duty to cooperate with public authorities - Safety and Security

UEFA Safety and Security Regulations

Content Type
Technical Regulations
Specific Regulations
Safety and Security
Enforcement Date
15 June 2019

Participating associations or clubs must ensure an effective and efficient exchange of information, including cross-border information, to guarantee a safe, secure and welcoming event.


Associations and clubs must ensure that local, national and international coordination arrangements are established to ensure an integrated approach to safety, security and service. This includes implementing measures in cooperation with public authorities to prevent the attendance of persons excluded by either administrative or judicial orders from attending matches.


The match organiser is responsible for liaison with public authorities in the host country/city to ensure that they work towards implementation of the measures contained in these regulations.


In conjunction with the public authorities, the match organiser must incorporate clear policies and procedures on matters that might impact on crowd management and safety and security risks, in particular, the use of pyrotechnics, violent behaviour and racist or discriminatory behaviour. As regards pyrotechnics, the match organiser and participating associations or clubs are reminded of the following UEFA guidance:

  1. no safe use of pyrotechnics is possible in spectator areas within football stadiums;

  2. when pyrotechnics are thrown onto the pitch, players and officials must move away from the pyrotechnics;

  3. the referee may need to suspend play until pyrotechnics thrown onto the pitch have burned out;

  4. pyrotechnics must not be handled by anybody until they have burned out and even then they must be handled only by trained and equipped staff.


In respect of cooperation between police forces involved in a match, the match organiser should encourage the host police force to request attendance of a visiting police delegation where the level of risk renders this advisable.