Article 14 Team emblem - Equipment

UEFA Equipment Regulations

Content Type
Technical Regulations
Specific Regulations
Enforcement Date
1 June 2024

A team emblem may be displayed once on each item of playing attire (i.e. the shirt, shorts and each sock).


Teams may register more than one emblem and different registered emblems may be used on different items of playing attire, provided they have been authorised by the UEFA administration in writing in accordance with Article 13.


There are no restrictions as to the shape of team emblems, which must, however, be sized and positioned as follows:

  1. On shirts: maximum of 100cm², on the front of the shirt, at chest height, above sponsor advertising (if any).

  2. On shorts: maximum of 50cm², on the front of the left or right leg or centred on the front waist edge.

  3. On socks: maximum of 50cm², in any position on each brand-new (unworn) sock. Socks within a pair may contain different team identifications, e.g. the left sock may feature the team name and the right sock the team emblem, as long as this does not affect the distinctiveness of either sock.


Subject to the approval of the UEFA administration, a team celebrating or commemorating a jubilee or other significant event may create a special team emblem for use on its playing attire in place of its usual emblem. Such special team emblems may be surrounded by letters, numbers and/or decorative elements (e.g. laurels) but the total surface used may not exceed 100cm².