Article 31 Use of sponsor advertising - Equipment

UEFA Equipment Regulations

Content Type
Technical Regulations
Specific Regulations
Enforcement Date
1 June 2024

Where permitted under Article 26 to Article 30, teams may advertise approved sponsors at all their home and away matches during the same UEFA season, subject to Paragraph 27.02.


Teams playing in UEFA club competitions may change each approved sponsor only in accordance with the relevant competition regulations. The UEFA administration may grant, at its own discretion, exceptions in cases of particular hardship.


Changes of any nature to the content of sponsor advertising are treated as changes of sponsor, even if the sponsor remains the same.


A change of sponsor may be allowed if the team submits a written request to the UEFA administration at least seven working days before the first match in which they wish to use the new sponsor advertising, together with the following items:

  1. A copy of the approval of the team’s national association.

  2. Confirmation of the change from the old and new sponsor.

  3. A sample shirt containing the new sponsor logo.


UEFA reserves the right to consult the relevant sponsorship contracts.


Sponsor advertising may be worn for away matches subject to the restrictions of Paragraph 27.02. When it is possible that such a restriction may apply, the national association of the visiting team must contact the national association of the home team and the host club in question at least 12 working days before the date of the match (or as soon as possible after the relevant draw if within this deadline) and provide an exact description of the sponsor advertising in question. If the host association in conjunction with the host club considers that the sponsor advertising in question is prohibited, they must provide written notice to that effect to the visiting team, and also notify the UEFA administration immediately.


If the domestic legislation applicable at the match venue prevents the visiting team from using approved sponsor advertising, the team may ask the UEFA administration at least two working days before the match in question for authorisation to replace it with a legally compliant sub-product of the approved sponsor, a UEFA-endorsed programme (e.g. UEFA campaign), or a charity logo in accordance with Article 32.