Article 12 Decorative elements - Equipment

UEFA Equipment Regulations

Content Type
Technical Regulations
Specific Regulations
Enforcement Date
1 June 2024

Decorative elements appearing on playing attire must:

  1. not include a number or letter, or any combination of numbers and/or letters;

  2. not amount to, give the impression of being, or attempt to fulfil any of the functions of being (in the UEFA administration’s sole discretion) a trademark;

  3. not compromise the distinctiveness of the playing attire or its colours or the legibility of the player numbers or names;

  4. be incorporated using one of the following techniques:

    1. jacquard weave;

    2. tonal print;

    3. embossing;

    4. any other technique approved in writing by the UEFA administration;

  5. adhere to the colour contrast requirements as stipulated in Article 54.


Provided that the above requirements are adhered to, decorative elements that appear within the manufacturer’s generic product line are permitted to be used on playing attire.


There are no restrictions as to the number, position or size of decorative elements.