Article 6 Equipment approval procedure - Equipment

UEFA Equipment Regulations

Content Type
Technical Regulations
Specific Regulations
Enforcement Date
1 June 2024

Each team is responsible for:

  1. submitting all equipment that falls within the scope of these regulations to the UEFA administration for approval in accordance with these and the relevant competition regulations;

  2. sending, upon request, samples of specific equipment items to the UEFA administration at any time, free of charge, for examination;

  3. the proper implementation of these regulations by its players, staff and officials.


A team or manufacturer may submit equipment to the UEFA administration for a preliminary examination at any time, but this in no way releases the team from its obligations to comply with the standard approval procedure.


Each team must submit, free of charge and by the deadline stipulated in the relevant competition regulations, a complete sample set of the following equipment items to the UEFA administration for approval:

  1. first-choice outfield player attire;

  2. second-choice outfield player attire;

  3. first-choice goalkeeper attire;

  4. second-choice goalkeeper attire;

  5. any additional alternative playing attire or playing attire items (shirt(s), shorts and/or socks).

In addition to these items, teams participating in the final tournaments of UEFA representative team competitions must submit for approval samples of any additional equipment requested by UEFA in advance, including all special equipment worn on the field of play and all items of non-playing attire that may be worn by players and/or staff in the controlled stadium area and/or for any official activities.


Approved equipment may be used in UEFA competitions other than the one for which it was approved, subject to the relevant competition regulations and the explicit authorisation of the UEFA administration. To obtain authorisation, a written request must be submitted to the UEFA administration, declaring the equipment to be identical to that which has already been approved. New samples do not need to be submitted.


If any approved equipment item is subsequently altered in any way, it must be resubmitted to the UEFA administration for approval prior to use.


The UEFA administration’s decisions are communicated and explained to the respective teams in writing. For club teams, such decisions are valid for the duration of the competition, competition phase or season specified. For representative teams, such decisions are valid for the period of use of the equipment in question.


The UEFA administration may consider written or oral submissions made by the teams in the equipment approval procedure.


All decisions taken by the UEFA administration in the equipment approval procedure are final.