Article 9 Colour choices and combinations - Equipment

UEFA Equipment Regulations

Content Type
Technical Regulations
Specific Regulations
Enforcement Date
1 June 2024

In order to minimise colour clashes, there must be a clear contrast between each team’s first-choice and second-choice outfield player attires, to the extent that they could be worn by opposing teams in a match.


If one playing attire comprises predominantly dark colours, the other must comprise predominantly light colours, or if one of the playing attires is hooped, banded, striped or checked, the other must not contain either of the colours of the hoops/bands/stripes/checks.


Teams must have at least two goalkeeper attires which clearly contrast with each other and with the first-choice and second-choice outfield player attires.


A team may be requested to combine items from more than one of its approved outfield player and/or goalkeeper attires (shirt, shorts or socks), in order to create a visible contrast with the other team.


The order of priority for the selection of colours for a match is as follows:

  1. home team outfield player attire;

  2. away team outfield player attire;

  3. home team goalkeeper attire;

  4. away team goalkeeper attire;

  5. referee team attire.

However if there is a clash for one of the above participants that cannot be resolved (i.e. none of the approved attires offer the required level of colour contrast) then other participants may have to change (in reverse order) until a suitable contrast can be found.


If the referee decides on the spot that the two teams’ selected colours could lead to confusion, the home team must change playing attire, for practical reasons.


For a final, both teams should wear their first-choice outfield player attire. If this would create a colour clash, the designated away team must wear its second-choice (or other approved alternative) outfield player attire. If that too would create a colour clash, the UEFA administration decides on the playing attire to be worn by each team in consultation with the referee.