Article 13 Types - Equipment

UEFA Equipment Regulations

Content Type
Technical Regulations
Specific Regulations
Enforcement Date
1 June 2024

Teams may use the following types of identification on playing attire:

  1. Graphic identifications:

    1. team emblem;

    2. team mascot;

    3. team symbol;

    4. national flag or national symbol;

    5. coat of arms or flag of town or region.

  2. Written/text identifications:

    1. team/country name;

    2. team nickname;

    3. team slogan;

    4. team’s foundation year.


Team identifications may be submitted for authorisation for use on playing attire only if they are held on the UEFA administrative database, and have official status through registration with the team’s national association. Team emblems and team names may only be submitted for authorisation for use on playing attire if they are also approved by the UEFA administration for use in the relevant UEFA competition. Teams that request authorisation to use a national flag or national symbol and/or the coat of arms or flag of their town or region may be required to submit evidence of having been granted permission by the country, town or region concerned.


In addition to Paragraph 13.02, each team emblem (in its full form, including word elements) must be registered as a trademark with either (a) the national trademark office located in the country in which the relevant team is incorporated, or (b) the European Union Intellectual Property Office.


Only one version of a team nickname or team slogan may be used during a single season.


Evidence of the registration of identifications under Paragraph 13.02 and Paragraph 13.03 above must be presented to the UEFA administration in one of UEFA’s official languages (English, French or German) on request, including evidence that the team has the necessary registrations and permissions at least 20 days before the first match in the relevant competition.


Team identification may be printed, woven or sown into equipment. Any other technique is subject to the prior written approval of the UEFA administration.


Team identifications must not touch each other or any other element displayed on playing attire (e.g. number, lettering, badge, other identifications) nor may such elements be combined in a single box or patch.


Team identifications must be free of manufacturer identification, sponsor advertising and decorative elements.