Article 23 Manufacturer playing attire bands - Equipment

UEFA Equipment Regulations

Content Type
Technical Regulations
Specific Regulations
Enforcement Date
1 June 2024

A manufacturer design mark may be displayed once or repeatedly on one or more items of playing attire in the form of a band (a "playing attire band"). The playing attire band must be identical on all items on which it is displayed, and must be positioned symmetrically on each item as follows:

  1. On shirts:

    1. around the end of each sleeve (right and left); or

    2. centred down the outer seam of each sleeve (right and left, from the collar to the bottom of the sleeve, excluding the sleeve free zone); or

    3. centred down the outer seam on both sides of the shirt (armhole to the bottom of the shirt).

  2. On shorts:

    1. across the hem (right and left legs); or

    2. centred down the outer seam (right and left legs).

  3. On socks: across the top edge of each sock.


A playing attire band must not exceed the following widths:

  1. On shirts: 8cm,

  2. On shorts: 8cm,

  3. On socks: 5cm on brand-new (unworn) socks.


Subject to Article 12, playing attire bands may include decorative elements.


Only one version of the relevant manufacturer design mark may be used in the playing attire band, and these marks must not exceed the width of the playing attire band.