Article 44 Non-playing attire tops - Equipment

UEFA Equipment Regulations

Content Type
Technical Regulations
Specific Regulations
Enforcement Date
1 June 2024

The rules related to decorative elements as set out in Article 12 are also applied to non-playing attire tops.


Team identification as set out in Chapter III may appear on non-playing attire tops as follows:

  1. One team emblem not exceeding 100cm² is allowed on the front of the top.

  2. The national flag or national symbol or the coat of arms or flag of the team’s town or region is allowed once at chest height on the front of the top, not exceeding 100cm², and once on each sleeve, not exceeding 25cm² on each sleeve.

  3. One written/text identification is allowed in any position or size.


Up to two more team identifications are allowed in any position, but each one must not exceed 20cm² and any lettering must be no more than 2cm high.


One type of team identification may also be incorporated into non-playing attire tops in accordance with Article 18, which applies by analogy.


One additional team identification may be used alone or in combination with a manufacturer design mark in one of the positions reserved for the non-playing attire top band described in Paragraph 44.06 below, in which case the provisions of Paragraph 44.06 and Paragraph 44.07 apply. The maximum width of any team identification in this position is 8cm.


Up to five manufacturer identifications are allowed, including up to two bands of manufacturer design marks ("non-playing attire top band"), which may be used as follows:

  1. around the end of each sleeve, or

  2. down the outer seam of each sleeve (from the collar to end of sleeve), or

  3. centred down the outer seam of the top (armhole to the lowest edge of the hem at base of the top).

Non-playing attire top bands may include decorative elements, subject to Article 12.


Manufacturer identifications must not exceed 20cm², except for in the non-playing attire top band where the size of the manufacturer design marks may not exceed the width of the band (maximum 8cm).


Any manufacturer identifications in the collar zone must be centred on the back of the outside collar zone. No manufacturer identification is allowed on the front or sides of the collar zone.


One type of manufacturer identification may also be incorporated using jacquard weave, with no restrictions as to the number or positioning of the identification chosen but each individual identification may not exceed 20cm².


Any team or manufacturer identification used on zippers or buttons must be tonal in accordance with Article 19, which applies by analogy.


Quality seals and/or technology labels may be used in accordance with Chapter V, which applies by analogy.


Sponsor advertising is only allowed in accordance with Chapter VI .


In UEFA competitions, charity logos may be used as an alternative to sponsor advertising on non-playing attire, subject to Article 30 and Article 32.


Initials of players and staff members or squad numbers are permitted for identification purposes. Such identifications must not exceed 7.5cm in height.


The branded apparel partner of a competition may display the corresponding competition logo on non-playing attire tops subject to the prior written approval of the UEFA administration, and provided the training tops contain no sponsor advertising. Such competition logos may not exceed 100cm² and may not appear on attire used in any other competition (UEFA or otherwise).