Article 7 Goals and spare goal - Stadium Infrastructure

UEFA Stadium Infrastructure Regulations

Technical Regulations
Specific Regulations
Stadium Infrastructure
1 May 2018

Goals must be made out of aluminium or a similar material, be round or elliptical and not pose any danger to players. Moreover, they must comply with the IFAB Laws of the Game, which means, in particular, that:

  1. the distance between the inside of the posts must be 7.32m;

  2. the distance from the lower edge of the crossbar to the ground must be 2.44m;

  3. the goalposts and the crossbar must be white and have the same width and depth, which must not exceed 12cm;

  4. the goals must be firmly secured to the ground.


A spare goal which can be easily installed if the circumstances so require must be available within the stadium.


In addition, all goals (including spare goals) must meet the following requirements:


1 and 2


3 and 4

No additional structural elements or physical support may be used inside the net or in its immediate surroundings other than bars fixing the goal net to the ground and goal net stanchions behind and outside the net. Portable goals must not be used.