Article 1 Scope of application - Stadium Infrastructure

UEFA Stadium Infrastructure Regulations

Technical Regulations
Specific Regulations
Stadium Infrastructure
1 May 2018

These regulations apply whenever expressly referred to by specific regulations governing a UEFA competition.


They govern the minimum structural criteria to be fulfilled by a stadium in order for it to be classified (in ascending rank order) as UEFA category 1, 2, 3 or 4. The higher the category is, the stricter and more numerous the criteria (Articles 5-38). The structural criteria applicable to specific categories are presented in the form of tables showing the criteria gradation between the different categories. Structural criteria that are not presented in the form of tables apply to all categories.


These regulations further set out the responsibilities for monitoring compliance with the structural criteria for the required stadium category and specify the conditions under which the UEFA administration may grant an exception to a specific structural criterion (Article 3).


These regulations do not affect the legal obligations arising from national law applicable to stadium facilities.