Article 6 Communication and confidentiality - Bidding

Bid Regulations UEFA Finals and Final Phases

Technical Regulations
Specific Regulations
29 May 2019

All bidding procedures are conducted in English. UEFA provides the bid requirements and all other communications and documents related to the bidding procedure in English. Bidders shall submit the bid dossiers and all other communications and documents related to each bidding procedure to UEFA in English as specified in the bid requirements. If UEFA and/or bidders prepare translations of any such communications and documents into another language, the English version prevails.


UEFA may ask for any additional information, guarantees and/or documents it deems necessary to complete its evaluation of a bid dossier at any time, and any such information, guarantees or documents may be used at any point in the bidding procedure.


UEFA, and the bidders subject to approval by UEFA, may make certain documents public (which may include posting them on its/their website(s) or any other platforms) following their finalisation or their distribution to the UEFA member associations or the bidders (as applicable).


Subject to Paragraph 6.03, bidders shall treat all aspects of the bidding procedure as confidential, and acknowledge and agree that UEFA may make any information disclosed to it in connection with the bidding procedure public in accordance with these regulations.