Article 10 Overview - Bidding

Bid Regulations UEFA Finals and Final Phases

Technical Regulations
Specific Regulations
29 May 2019

Each bidding procedure is conducted in accordance with the requirements and the timeline set by the UEFA administration and communicated by circular letter. It consists of:

  1. an initiating phase, during which each of the UEFA member associations can declare their interest to bid;

  2. a bid dossier development phase, during which each bidder develops its bid dossier based on the bid requirements; and

  3. an evaluation phase, during which the bid dossiers submitted by bidders are evaluated by UEFA. Bidders may be required by UEFA to elaborate upon and substantiate their bids as described in their bid dossiers, and provide more specific guarantees from time to time throughout the evaluation phase.


A bidder can submit a maximum of one bid dossier per UEFA final or UEFA final phase. The UEFA administration may decide to initiate a bidding procedure comprising more than one edition, and may request bidders to submit a dossier that applies to any or all editions. The UEFA administration allocates each edition to the winning bidders.


Bidders must comply with all the deadlines imposed by UEFA during the bidding procedure.


Bidding limitations may apply on a case by case basis or when required by the competition concerned.