Article 12 Initiating phase - Bidding

Bid Regulations UEFA Finals and Final Phases

Technical Regulations
Specific Regulations
29 May 2019

UEFA invites its member associations by circular letter to declare their interest in bidding to host UEFA finals and UEFA final phases.


Any UEFA member association that is interested in hosting a UEFA final or UEFA final phase shall declare its interest by duly completing, signing and returning the corresponding declaration of interest form to UEFA by the prescribed deadline. Any UEFA member association that submits a declaration of interest in any form other than that communicated by UEFA by circular letter or after the deadline imposed by UEFA will not be considered eligible for the bidding procedure.


After the deadline for declarations of interest, UEFA reviews the list of UEFA member associations that have declared an interest and decides which are eligible to bid to host the UEFA final or UEFA final phase.


UEFA notifies the UEFA member associations that declared an interest in bidding of their eligibility or ineligibility by the deadline announced by circular letter.