Article 22 Visits - Bidding

Bid Regulations UEFA Finals and Final Phases

Technical Regulations
Specific Regulations
29 May 2019

No bidder is entitled to invite any representative of UEFA to its territory in connection with the bidding procedure other than for a site visit or other official working session or meeting organised by UEFA in accordance with Paragraph 13.02, Paragraph 13.03 or Paragraph 14.01.


If a representative of UEFA visits the territory of any bidder for any reason unrelated to the bidding procedure at any time during the bidding procedure, such bidder shall not promote its involvement in the bidding procedure during such visit or derive any other benefit in relation to the bidding procedure from such visit. Bidders shall not cover any of the travel and accommodation costs or expenses related to any such visit.


Subject to Article 19, bidders may organise visits for representatives of the media in order to promote their involvement in the bidding procedure, if such representatives bear their own costs and expenses in relation thereto.