Article 3 Good faith - Bidding

Bid Regulations UEFA Finals and Final Phases

Technical Regulations
Specific Regulations
29 May 2019

Each party involved in a bidding procedure (including representatives of UEFA and the bidders) shall uphold the general principles listed in Chapter III and ensures that each of its employees, representatives, agents, partners, contractors (including experts) and associates upholds such principles.


Bidders shall ensure that all information provided and representations made to UEFA during the course of the bidding procedure (including all information and representations contained in the bid dossiers) are true, accurate and not misleading. No bidder shall withhold from UEFA any material information relating to its bid dossier and/or its bid to host a UEFA final or UEFA final phase of which it is aware at any time during the course of the bidding procedure. UEFA relies fully on any information, representations, warranties, assurances and other promises included in a bid dossier as binding upon the relevant bidder.