Article 15 Pre-tournament information provision - Medical

UEFA Medical Regulations

Technical Regulations
Specific Regulations
1 July 2020

The host association must provide the UEFA match delegate, at least two weeks before the first match in any tournament, with the name and contact details of the tournament doctor, who must be:

  1. a fluent English-speaker;

  2. accommodated at the tournament headquarters or in the neighbourhood of the tournament for its duration;

  3. available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from the date of the first team’s arrival until the date of the last team’s departure.


A detailed plan must be issued to UEFA at least three months in advance of the tournament, providing information on the following for matches, training sessions, hotels and team excursions:

  1. how medical incidents will be managed, including:

    1. medical communication procedures between tournament medical staff and treatment facilities,

    2. responsibilities of key medical personnel at the tournament,

    3. emergency evacuation plans;

  2. confirmation that teams will receive expedient treatment at all identified medical facilities, 24/7 (where applicable) for the duration of the tournament;

  3. the names, locations, addresses and medical specialities of all identified treatment facilities, including emergency treatment facilities for all stadiums/halls used in the tournament.


Such a plan must also contain the following:

  1. procedures for importing medication into the host country;

  2. immunisation status and requirements of the host country;

  3. confirmation of all medical equipment to be provided at stadiums/halls.


Any such plan should also contain:

  1. named contact staff at all identified medical facilities;

  2. procedures for payment of medical services by the visiting associations;

  3. details of the medical equipment provided at tournament hotels and training grounds;

  4. the name of at least one English-speaking member of staff as the main contact at each identified medical facility.