Article 14 Pre-match information provision - Medical

UEFA Medical Regulations

Technical Regulations
Specific Regulations
1 July 2020

The following information must be sent by the host club/association to the visiting team’s medical staff and to the UEFA match delegate at least two weeks before a match:

  1. contact details of the host club/association and stadium/hall medical staff, including at least:

    1. the name and mobile telephone number of the pitchside emergency doctor;

    2. the name and mobile telephone number of the stadium/hall medical coordinator (if different from pitchside emergency doctor);

  2. a stadium/hall map, clearly identifying:

    1. the location of the ambulance for the sole use of players, team officials, the referee team and match officers;

    2. the emergency exit point from the pitch, tunnel and dressing room areas to the ambulance;

    3. the location of the medical room;

  3. details of the emergency evacuation plan for serious injuries occurring in the pitch area on matchday (and matchday -1 where applicable);

  4. contact details and address/location of the nearest hospital with accident and emergency facilities.


The host club/association should also indicate:

  1. emergency contact names and phone numbers for all stadium/hall medical staff;

  2. contact details of local surgeons and their associated specialities;

  3. contact details of one representative from the host club/association who would be available to assist the visiting club/association with medical requirements once the team has left the host city (for example, if a visiting doctor had to remain with an injured player).