Article 18 Extra time and kicks from the penalty mark - Women's Under-19

Regulations of the UEFA European Women's Under-19 Championship

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2020 > July
Competition Regulations

In the semi-finals, final and any FIFA U-20 Women's World Cup play-off matches, if the result stands as a draw at the end of normal time, two 15-minute periods of extra time are played. If the two teams are still equal after extra time, the winner is determined by kicks from the penalty mark (see Paragraph 18.03 and Paragraph 18.04).


If extra time is required, there is a five-minute break between the end of normal time and the start of extra time. As a rule, the players remain on the field of play during this five-minute break, at the discretion of the referee.


Kicks from the penalty mark are taken in accordance with the procedure laid down in the IFAB Laws of the Game.


To ensure that the procedure is strictly observed, the referee is assisted by her team, who also note down the numbers of the players on each team who have taken kicks from the penalty mark.